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East Lawrence High School

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Student Dress Code

The 2023-2024 Lawrence County School Systems Student Handbook is the policy that we use for our school. 


It shall be the policy of the Lawrence County Board of Education that good grooming and personal appearance are essential, if not critical, elements in the teaching/learning process; therefore, it is expected that students dress in a manner that ensures the health and safety of themselves and other students. Dress and personal appearance shall not be disruptive or interfere with the legitimate interest and welfare of students attending the schools. The Lawrence County School System has established the following guidelines:

  1. All students shall be expected to dress and groom themselves in a manner which reflects good taste. Dress and appearance of the student shall be a basic responsibility of the parent/guardian and the student.
  2. However, any article of dress or any manner of basic style or make-up that is determined by school officials to be disruptive of the educational process or to present a safety problem or to damage school property will not be permitted.
  3. Students, who for religious reason, cannot dress in prescribed physical education attire shall be given an opportunity to choose, in cooperation with physical educational instructor, an alternative attire appropriate for the objectives of the physical education program and the religious beliefs of the individual.
  4. Principals may establish different rules for dress and grooming for participation in specific activities.
  5. Shoes or sandals will be worn at all times. No cleated shoes will be worn at school.
  6. No halter-tops, tank tops, form-fitting pants/shorts, mesh or see-through jerseys, and midriff blouses will be worn at school. Shirts should cover the abdomen. (See 13 for clothing fitting over above and/or form fitting pants and shorts).
  7. No sunglasses will be worn at school except of a doctor's orders.
  8. Neither suggestive clothing such as, but not limited to, those which advertise alcohol businesses which operate primarily for the purpose of selling alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs, or those which use improper language or gang related symbols/paraphernalia will be worn nor will any other apparel that is considered by the principal and/or teacher to be dangerous, suggestive, or disruptive to the learning environment.
  9. Clothing or accessories shall not contain slogans, logos, symbols, mottoes, acronyms, words or language that are associated with hate groups; are obscene, slanderous, or libelous; are associated with intimidation, violence or violent groups; or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice; or which advocate, promote or suggest illegal activity; or are reasonably expected to be demeaning, offensive to any person or group or disruptive to the learning environment.
  10. In addition, students in grades 4-12 will adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. All pants will be worn at the waist.
    2. Shorts, skirts, or dresses will be no more than three inches above the knee.
    3. No body piercings or tattoos (permanent or temporary), which pose a health or safety concern; disrupt the educational process; create a discipline problem; indecent or profane; or are gang related will be allowed
  11. No headwear will be worn in school building unless prior approval of principal or designee.
  12. Garments with holes, rips, or tears must be properly repaired at all points above knee length.
  13. Leggings, tights, and yoga-style pants may be worn as long as the student's frontside/bottom area is completely covered.
  14. Any student violating the dress code may be suspended for the remainder of the school day and receive unexcused absences in the classes missed. Prior to being suspended, the student will be provided an opportunity to remedy the dress code violation. Subsequent offenses will be addressed as #9 Defiance of Authority in State code/violations.